C# Customs was born from a wish to add value to the world. Inspired by social and sustainable enterprises around the world, such as Fairphone, hiSbe and the Greyston Bakery, the main purpose of C# Customs is not to create money, but a positive impact on suppliers, the people working for C# Customs and of course the customers. At the same time, limiting environmental impact is a very important driver for all decisions made by C# Customs.

Currently, these goals are translated in concrete decisions such as:

  • Wood is either reclaimed or from a verified source.
  • The use of metal and plastics is minimized.
  • Lacquer is not used unless specifically requested by the customer.
  • Oils and glues are selected based on their environmental impact, guaranteeing performance based on testing.
  • Tools for production are made from scrap materials where possible.
  • Waste in the supply chain is minimized by communicating with suppliers about efficient, and where possible returnable, packaging.

In the future, C# Customs aims to give transparency about all parts and processes used to build its products. Information will be gathered on this website.